What you can’t tell a man

Whatever they say, the male sex loves with the ears no less than the female. However, there are phrases that can offend both the ears and the soul of a strong half..

“You are the same as my ex!”

Phrase # 1 in the list of taboo phrases. Never. Do not under any circumstances compare them – all the more, out loud. This is not just a prick of pride, this is a donkey kick in him. The surest way to break up is to start comparing what was with what is. Especially if you remember what you said about your ex at the dawn of the relationship. If it is exceptionally good – for example, you really broke up amicably and no one holds any grudge against anyone, then your current life partner may think that he is being challenged. And of course – the predecessor was so good that the current one still grows and grows before him. And the phrase will be perceived at least as a mockery..

If you covered your predecessor with all the blame, accused of seven deadly (plus one) sins, then the doubtfulness of the benefits of such a comparative analysis is all the more obvious. Do you seriously hope that he will be ashamed and will immediately correct himself? I don’t want to disappoint you, but he will most likely start looking for a saving door to freedom with his eyes..

“Your mom cooks borscht wrong!”

Taboo, taboo and taboo again! Even if his mother’s borscht smells like dust and tastes like strychnine, smile, pretend to be overwhelmed and ask, no, just demand the recipe for these delicious toadstool pies. Nobody obliges you then to repeat the culinary feats of your mother-in-law. Drink activated charcoal, mezim-forte and prepare your own branded hodgepodge.

“Your friend has such a cool car!”

Reaction number one: “She thinks I’m a loser – my car is worse.” Reaction number two: “She is in love with him.” Reaction number three: “Yes, and let it roll!” You definitely achieved this?

“I want to be like Sveta (Julia, Olya, Katya)!”

Perhaps after your words, he will look differently at your idol and idol. It’s good if you have chosen a character from the unattainable world of cinema or show business as an image for visualization of the goal. If we are talking about the best friend, then the exaltation of her merits is clearly not in your hands. What if he likes her too?

“You earn too little!”

It’s not worth instilling an inferiority complex in a man. Nothing. He makes as much as he can. You are missing? Earn the rest yourself. We do not have a cult of patriarchy, and a woman is not forbidden to work and earn money on Swarovski stilettos and Louboutin shoes. By your words about small wages (unless, of course, the man is a burned-out lazy person and spends his days in a horizontal position on the couch, supporting his family on unemployment benefits) you are pushing him to a crime.

“This jacket costs 300 euros!”

Replace the euro with rubles, save his nerves. In our turbulent times, there are few men who are able to stoically treat the purchase of a “rag”, the cost of which is equal to the average salary in the Ural region. But for saving you may well be praised and give another 100 rubles “for a scarf.” Buy for 100 euros and drink coffee for the premium.

And in general, girls, more positive statements. After all, it is your man who is the best, most gentle, caring, affectionate, one and only. How could it be otherwise – you yourself chose it!