Too Perfect for Marriage: Why Successful Women Are Single

Our expert tells what to do if there are no worthy men in your life.

Certified expert profiler, trainer of specialized programs, professional negotiator and psychologist Alexander Kopytko

Such a woman invests the lion’s share of her time in knowledge, instead of caring for herself and looking for a man with whom she could have a child and start a family, and only then, perhaps, go into business. It is among successful women that very often there is an advantage in the direction of finances, social independence instead of the usual women’s affairs and concerns. Such women begin to learn more, and they are almost always more serious and smarter than many men. In turn, a man has discomfort next to a successful woman..

Getting into a relationship with a woman, where she is smarter than him, financially independent, formally a man takes the role of a woman in the family. From the point of view of male psychology, this is not acceptable for everyone, classical gigolos do not count here. If a woman directs all her efforts to become successful, in most cases, and, of course, there are exceptions, she is unlucky in family life. Often such women with age get themselves young lovers, whom they contain, or they get a man not for family relationships in their classical sense, but for partnerships. They do not have a family as such, but they have a partner with whom she lives.

Of course, any woman, even a strong woman, sometimes wants to be weak, so that they do something for her. But due to the fact that the environment for such young ladies has already been formed, the necessary men are not around, and the woman begins to suffer, mental problems appear, she goes to a psychologist and very often to fortune-tellers and shamans, they say, I am successful, I have a business, apartment, now I want a normal man … The more financially and socially independent a woman is, the higher she is in the status of other women and almost any man next to her feels uncomfortable.

What to do and where to look for a way out

1. The target audience of strong and successful women with whom she could feel good and comfortable is men who are even more influential and successful and, as a rule, are always older. You decide.

2. Another option, difficult, but in my practice there were also such cases – a woman knows how to very clearly distinguish between business and personal life. For example, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. she is only a businesswoman, and after that she becomes a domestic woman, albeit tough, she begins to be a wife and a mother. But even here she will try to suppress her own man, for this is already in her character. To somehow avoid this, you need to clearly spell out, systematize your own priorities and try to follow them..

3. My third advice is to start a hobby that shouldn’t interfere with business and work. A woman who has such a hobby can meet a man of interest. And here just the most necessary communication for a woman arises, when people do not depend on each other, and it does not matter who has a better and cooler social status, but they are both passionate about one thing, be it yoga, swimming, Argentine tango or playing chess. And once a week, over a cup of coffee, you can talk about your hobby with such a man. Such contacts often develop into something more, when a woman does not see a loser man, but an excellent partner in dancing, chess, climbing or swimming. And the woman in him appreciates it, while a man can be poor and unlucky in his career..