Tangerine, strawberry and 5 more types of juicy sex

Find out what kind of fruity sex you are having …

Ksenia Malaya


Each man is unique, and sex with him can be compared to a small fruit and berry journey. And what kind of fruits grow in your bed?

Strawberry with cream

You prefer not to change the location, but not because you are afraid of experiments, but because your bed is perfected. Love for beauty and good taste turns your sex into an erotic movie scene. Many couples could envy what they saw, but none of them knows how hard it was for you. Strawberry is a capricious berry and requires a lot of effort to maintain freshness, juiciness and flavor..

Tangerine sex

Fresh, sweet and preferably seedless – this kind of sex is a delight for citrus lovers. Variety reigns in your bed, and you have more than enough energy. But nevertheless, you should moderate your ardor, otherwise one fine day you will come across a tasteless tangerine or, even worse, you will want sex only on New Year’s Eve.

Apple conservatism

There is nothing wrong with preferring the classics. Experience and perseverance are on your side! You are moving according to the intended scenario, and the climax is not long in coming. Tenderness, sensitivity and a little sentimentality are faithful companions on the path to pleasure. The main thing is that you both like it.!

Banana High

Your motto is “no matter where, it is important with whom!” Extreme by nature, you are adventurous and willing to go to great lengths to conquer the heights of ecstasy. If you wanted to, you could have drawn up a map of sexual adventures long ago, which not everyone will dare to follow. Sex in your couple is like a ripe banana – sweet, bright and long.

Sour sex

Lemon, frankly, is not for everyone, and no matter how bright and juicy it may seem, its taste will not please everyone. Fast and trivial – such sex is useful in itself, as a fact of existence, rather than a process. The synonyms for such intercourse are conjugal duty, gratitude for a service or help to a friend. Lemon sex is like a lifeline during a period when the body is very lacking in vitamins.

50 shades of pineapple

The outlandish fruit characterizes the intimate life of those who really love experimentation. You would not mind taking a few new toys with you to bed, and it is possible that you have a whole bedside table for them … or a wardrobe … Maybe you have a specially equipped room! It does not matter. Your sex is always something new and unknown, but remember that not everyone is ready for it! Many people are allergic to pineapple, and someone does not even know how to peel it …

Papaya – heavenly delight

A dream fruit, and sex like it is a fairy tale! You understand each other without words, you feel every centimeter of your body, and it seems as if you are one. Not everyone manages to find their ideal partner – often papaya only outwardly seems perfect, but the filling does not live up to expectations. Someone in their entire life does not manage to feel this heavenly pleasure.

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