Practical tutorial: 4 techniques for conquering men

Tips to Lead You to Marriage.

“Oh, if someone wrote a textbook on how to easily fall in love with a worthy man, so that he would offer his hand and heart! If someone could explain to me what I am doing wrong and why tumbleweeds are still in my personal life … “ – probably, such thoughts visited every woman who, with all her desire to become loved and happy, could not come to her cherished goal.

There is such a tutorial. Meet: “Rose of love and femininity. How to become a luxurious flower that attracts the best men “- the bestseller of Julia Lanske, an expert in the selection of the perfect match, coach N ° 1 in the world according to the results of the iDate Awards 2019.

This is a practical self-instruction manual for a woman of any age and status, how to attract the best man, revealing her potential of feminine nature according to 57 criteria. Think about the scope!

The book, in addition to the fascinating narrative part, includes training and test. They will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your look and polish them to shine to become desirable and attractive to any man..

Let’s take a short excursion through the pages of “Rose”.

Julia Lanske

World’s # 1 Dating Coach, 2019 iDate Awards

Certified matchmaker, love coach, innovative expert in building relationships with successful men, competent psychologist.

More flirting

Apart from appearance, the effect of which lasts only a couple of minutes, like the first notes of perfume, flirting is the main safe tool for attracting men. Skillful, thin, light, like a spring wind. Why is it so important?

The ability to flirt is your trump card. But there are also rules here. As American publicist Dave Barry put it, “luring a man in tricky, sophisticated ways is like making an exquisite French dinner for a Labrador,” so don’t overdo it..

Don’t feel like flirting is just for the beginning of a relationship. Cheating often happens due to the fact that someone in a couple wanted to flirt, the novelty of the relationship, the ease of delicate feelings. Flirting should live in family life. It reminds us that the bonfire of flair and love is still burning! Keep this fire alive, don’t let it die away.

And an equally important nuance – do not be too persistent if you are not facing a man, but a reinforced concrete wall in the flesh. Knocking on a wall like this is more likely to scratch and bruise your arms than benefit from such an acquaintance. If the mountain does not go to Magomed, then well, this mountain …

However, flirting may not be so frank, but veiled. So that a man cannot guess that now your sensuality and attractiveness are at their peak, that you want to attract him. The next technique is a mask under which a real bomb is hidden, and this technique will definitely not leave a single man indifferent. Use!

Technique “Jacket”

There is such a concept – “dress with cabbage”, in several layers. I do this quite often. For example, I put on tight trousers and a blouse with a deep neckline, and a jacket on top. This one balances my image, gives it a bit of conservatism, which matches the image of my wife. If I get “hot”, I start to take off my jacket. If you take it off beautifully, it looks very erotic..

First of all, you need to choose the moment. When a man says something to you, you don’t need to take off your jacket – you need to listen carefully. Look carefully at the man, nod, ask questions. But when you start talking – it’s time.

It is also important what you are talking about at this moment. The secret of technique is in contrast. Take off your jacket half-erotic, slightly tilt your body from one hand, which you pull out through the sleeve, to the other. Your breasts sway sexually and protrude. It is important to talk about something serious, for example, the Big Bang theory. So you create the effect that you have nothing to do with it and everything happens naturally. You feel hot, you tell a story, and your body is exhausted, and you take off your jacket. For men, this technique works flawlessly.!

… I, for example, taking off my jacket, told the story of how I took linear algebra at the university in my second year. As I remember now, the topic “expansion into the Taylor ranks with the residual member of Peano …” – sounds piquant. You should have seen the eyes of my companion when I reached the climax and began to take off my jacket! … My beloved Baumanka – how many amazing men she helped me to captivate.

Love everyone you meet along the way and wear the right blouses!

Ping-pong technique

One of the most burning topics for women is what to talk about with a man. Successful communication is a reliable hook that catches the attention and disposition of men. And if this hook is weak, no heavy artillery in the form of impeccable appearance and style will keep a new acquaintance.

What to talk about? The answer is: nothing. That is, about nothing serious. Small talk between as yet unfamiliar people is reminiscent of ping pong. A man starts – you pick up, you start – he picks up. The most important thing is that both you and him be interested. The easier and more casual your conversation is, the better..

Men talk among themselves about women, cars, work and politics. Women – about spas, cellulite, diet and shopping. And about men – they wash their bones. When you are alone with a man and your acquaintance is just beginning, these topics should not be touched upon.

My advice: read men’s magazines. Try to hook a man with something that at least won’t make him bored: whiskey, horses, coffee, cigars, and yes, cars after all..