Mistakes of youth: what should not be told to a man

Dealing with a psychologist that a woman’s life should only remain in the past.

Sonya is a little over thirty. Clever and beautiful, a woman who made herself. She has not yet lost the hope of marrying the prince. But so far there are no princes at all, whose plans do not include marriage. Well, or plans for marriage with Sonya are not included. All romances end in parting.

“What am I doing wrong?” – Sonya asks again and cries – everything is fine at work, in personal life – a complete failure. – Well, I’m frank with them, I’m not hiding anything, let alone their past deceivers. “.

Here! This, as it turns out, is the problem. Can’t be too frank.

Psychologist Pavel Volzhenkov

In the case of Sonya, she is frank in order to show how much better she is than other women: honest in everything. But if she tried to moderate her ardor a little, not to remain silent, of course, but to adhere to the rule: “Whoever is not the first with us is the second with us,” then the relationship could continue. So, dear women, choose the middle ground, just in case, reduce the number of past partners.

What else is not worth talking about?

In fact, the taboo theme does not exist as such. Frankness is needed, another question is that it is desirable to adhere to the golden mean. But still, we will analyze situations that in one way or another can affect the relationship..

  • Parents

It is believed that one cannot talk about conflicts in a woman’s family. Like, if she can’t build a relationship with her parents, what kind of hearth keeper will come out of her? Will cut her husband and break off on children.

Pavel Volzhenkov

  • Girlfriends

Tell me who your friend is and I will tell who you are. If your beloved is surrounded by windy ladies, then you should expect anything from her.

Pavel Volzhenkov

This is not the reason at all

Do you know how some men explain the reason for the breakup? Here are some examples:

  • Lied that there is a higher education. The woman thought that higher education would make her more attractive. A man, when he found out that she was lying, broke off the relationship, they say, I don’t need an average partner.
  • She lied that she was in office. In fact, she worked as an ordinary employee.

Pavel Volzhenkov

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