Male look: “Marriage is impossible without change”

When people get married, they think that their spouse is the only one for life. Six months later, the second only appears, a year later – the third. And so on, and so on for everyone. And all because marriage is impossible without change. I know for sure.

Recently met with old friends. Let’s say their names are Igor and Natasha. They have been married for a long time and are quite happy. Happy, despite the fact that five years ago they were actively cheating on each other. Natasha, for example, cheated with me.

This happened by accident. Neither she nor I ever dreamed of anything like that – it was just that the circumstances developed. The family quarreled seriously, Natasha left with a scandal, rented an apartment and, with sobs, began to complain to me that “this idiot does not understand her at all.” Soon enough, we moved from soul-saving conversations to sex. On her initiative and mutual consent.

We did not get out of bed for almost a month. Then one evening she called and said: “That’s it, I’m going back to my husband.” And she returned. It is worth noting here that all this month her husband was also not a model of loyalty and chastity. He told me about this once during a friendly libation..

One could not consider this treason. By and large, then they lived separately from each other, were going to get divorced and, as a result, had the right to some pranks.

But who needs these excuses? We are all people and we understand that without freedom we lose our taste for life. Over time, any relationship becomes monotonous, life together becomes dreary, and sex becomes boring. Therefore, partners absolutely need to rest from each other..

The longer people live in marriage, the less they are jealous of each other. Treason quickens. The sequence of actions is as follows: treason – jealousy – reanimation of feelings. If a man suspects something, the beast will immediately wake up in him. The first time I slept with a friend’s wife, he immediately called her. Before that, he had not called for five days. But as soon as we got into bed, he felt that something was wrong.

I have three good friends. They are all married. And everyone, including me, cheated on their wives. One accidentally at a party, the other purposefully with the same woman for several years, the third – in every city where he flies for negotiations. At the same time, they love their wives and are not going to dissolve the sacred bonds of marriage. Do you know why? Because family happiness can only be known by comparison. When you cheat, you understand that a mistress is good, but only for a while. Nobody wants to live with them, with good mistresses. I want to live with wives.

Family happiness can only be known by comparison

Family psychologists claim that four out of five married men have cheated on their wives at least once in their lives. I’d love to see this fifth one. I think he was just afraid to confess. I do not believe that a man can be faithful for ideological reasons..

It is so programmed by nature: a male individual tries to share his DNA with as many women as possible. And all, after all, with the best purpose, so that as many good offspring as possible appear. Women, by the way, are also looking for the most successful carrier of genes. They want their offspring to be beautiful, intelligent and funny jokes. So they can’t resist those who seem more beautiful than the previous one..

I do not believe that a man for ideological reasons can be faithful

One friend of mine is led by all her desires (this is what I try so hard to smooth out the harshness of the expression “sleeping with everyone in a row”). She has something like a sporting interest – to seduce the gentleman she likes in half an hour. Moreover, she has been married for 15 years. When I asked her how she manages to deceive her husband, she replied that she does not deceive anyone..

He just doesn’t tell everything, but he is not particularly interested, although he probably guesses about her hobbies. After all, whoever she was with, she always returns to him. Treason loves silence. Maybe this is the secret of family happiness.?

But back to my friends. They didn’t tell each other anything. And rightly so – they cherish fragile family happiness. They look happy, are going to have a baby.

A couple of times I thought about suggesting Natasha (my friend’s wife) repeat our rendezvous. But, thank God, he did not dare. And she, most likely, would refuse such a shameless offer. And our friendships might be seriously affected.

But sometimes the thought flashes in my head: if they quarrel again, our story will repeat itself. And I think the chance is great – after all, marriage is impossible without change..