How to cleanse your ex-man’s energy at home

Parting is always a difficult and painful moment, after which life seems to start from scratch. There is such a law: in order for something new to come into life, you first need to make room for it, that is, get rid of the old. Our expert talks about ways how you can cleanse the energy of your home from the man’s past in order to quickly attract new love into life..

Parapsychologist Elena Miff:

– It will definitely become easier for you to get over the breakup if you either get rid of, or hide and remove from sight the things and gifts of your ex, which remind you of the time that you were together. In order to enter your own happy future as soon as possible, it is necessary to clear the space not only in the physical plane, but also in the energetic one..

The best way to clean up a space is to do a big house cleaning. In this case, you should add a few tablespoons of salt to the water for washing floors and wiping surfaces from dust: it is best to use sea crystals.

Spring cleaning is not the only way to purify energy. It is very good to spray a room with salt water from a spray bottle. This must be done very carefully so that even under the furniture, in the closets or in the closet, there are no missed places. Pay special attention to corners, including behind sofas and shelving.

If you do not want to wet the walls, use this method: fill the glass halfway with salt, top up with water and leave it in the room until the liquid evaporates. Then flush the salt residue into the toilet, and rinse the dishes well under running water.

Salt can also be used dry. To do this, you should fill small containers (bowls or plastic glasses) with it, place them in all rooms and let them stand for two days. Then flush it down the drain or throw it in the trash with the cups.


Fire is one of the most ancient and proven methods of energy purification of space. Candles will help to free the home of negative information: you need to light them and go around every room.

The material does not play a big role – even ordinary paraffin will do, as long as it is white. But it is best to use wax church candles: wax perfectly absorbs negative energy and removes it well from the apartment.

It is important to use live fire in the cleansing procedure, so only matches should be used for lighting. This is done near the front door, and then they go around with a burning candle all the rooms in turn and return back to the entrance. Windows and doorways are sealed in a cruciform motion, rooms are cleared by raising the fire to the ceiling and lowering it to the floor. It is important not to miss a single corner, including the bathroom and pantry..

You should move slowly, paying special attention to those rooms where the flame begins to smoke and crackle – this indicates the accumulation of negative energy. In such a room you can stay longer until the fire becomes even and clear again. Do not try to have time to go around all the rooms with one candle – if a lot of negative information has accumulated in your home, you will need several of them..

Oils and herbs

The ancient priests knew about this method of getting rid of evil spirits. They fumigated temples with incense and burned dried herbs, which harmonized the space and possessed protective properties. You can use this technique today..

For cleansing, dry sage, lavender and St. John’s wort are suitable, as well as sprigs of cedar, juniper or pine. You should go around the apartment with smoldering grass so that it does not burn, but smokes. The room is fumigated by making circular movements with a bunch of plants. And in order for the smoke to penetrate into all hard-to-reach places, you must first open the doors of all cabinets.

Aromatic oils need to be added to the cleaning water or put into a spray bottle and spray the room. Lighting the aroma lamp will also be effective – it should be left for a few minutes in each room. For cleansing, use the oil of sage, lavender, patchouli, lemon, juniper, pine, sandalwood, etc..

Stones and minerals

The advantage of stones and minerals is that they not only cleanse the space, but also convert negative energy into positive. The most effective for this purpose is black tourmaline. It should be placed near the front door. Amethyst, onyx, turquoise, obsidian and tiger’s eye can be used in rooms. It is best to put stones in vases and decorate all rooms with them..

The crystals that we use to purify space need to be periodically cleansed of accumulated negative energy. To do this, they are fumigated with herbs or washed under running water, and then filled with clean water and left in the sun for several hours..