How do you know if your boyfriend is lying?

Lying specialist Dr. Lightman from the TV series Lie to Me is sure: either truth or happiness. Both, never. In contrast, we believe that there are enough honest men. But, as they say, trust, but verify. Designer Daria Isaenkova specially for Woman’s Day drew seven actions that hint that they are hiding something from you.

Covers his mouth with his hand

‚ÄúDear, which of the guys with you still went to the sports bar after work? What kind of team did you play? ” And your dear, while talking, covers his mouth with his hands? Definitely, the stigma in his gun. Although he comes up with answers, he thinks himself: “How not to puncture”.

Try one trick – ask him to tell the story in reverse order, they say, such a game. It is believed that the brain remembers fictional details only in chronological order..

Rubs the eyelid

Are you asking what your precious plans are for you? And he tells you about a beautiful wedding and joint children, about how good you are together and that you are the one he has been looking for all his life, but at the same time, as if by chance, rubbing his eyelid? It is worth considering whether you have been dating for a long time, and you are still not offered an offer? Is everything really as beautiful as you are promised?

Puts his finger in his mouth

The liar himself is uncomfortable because he has to lie. He is nervous, uncomfortable, afraid of being exposed. Hence the vanity in gestures and actions. The fingers that fall into your boyfriend’s mouth during a conversation are an unconscious attempt by a person to defend himself, to return to a state of security, because these actions are associated with infant habits. Be that as it may, this gesture indicates that talking with you is uncomfortable for the person, and the reason may be his lie..

Touches the tip of the nose

The deceiver touches the nose much more often in conversation than the person who speaks the truth. This is most likely due to an adrenaline rush, the liar begins to tingle a little and itch in the nose..

Here you can recall the famous fairy-tale character Pinocchio, whose nose grew longer whenever he lied. Not in vain!

Touches the collar of the shirt

Inexperienced liars very often touch their clothes, twitch or, for example, unbutton their collars or straighten their tie. And if, at the same time, the collar is also in lipstick – that’s it, you can’t get out of it.

Neck scratches

Keep in mind that if the question “Do you mind if we go to my parents’ dacha for the weekend?” the guy shakes his head in the affirmative, and at the same time scratches his neck, then it’s better to think about other options. This gesture means that the person experiences completely opposite feelings and agrees, perhaps only because of the fact that they do not offend you..

Typically, people scratch their necks with the index finger of their right hand..

Touches the earlobe

This gesture most often indicates that the interlocutor is not honest with you. But it can also have a completely opposite meaning, if he, as it were, covers his ear with his hand. This means that he does not believe you..

And in conclusion, I would like to add that it is not worth, relying only on these signs, to accuse a person of lying. Specific facts are much more important. And for a good relationship, they are not needed – trust is important for them.

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