A bitter feeling: 10 signs that he wants to break up

It rarely happens that a man starts a conversation about parting himself, even when he has completely cooled off: fear or pity often interferes with an unpleasant revelation. But the behavior of your partner will tell everything for him. It’s time to find out what actions indicate that he will soon leave you. If you don’t find more than five, stop panic!

Changes tastes

Your metal fanboy boyfriend swapped his favorite band tees for classic shirts? Or maybe he quit smoking, forgot about fishing and started to indulge in tango? As a rule, sudden changes in habits, style of clothing, lifestyle and a change in social circle indicate that a person seeks to get away from the old life, and sometimes from the people who figured in it.

Doesn’t want to spend time together

When you invite him to see him, you hear more and more excuses, and banal ones: “No time,” “Tired,” etc. This in itself is not critical, unless, of course, he does it regularly. But the fact that he avoids meeting only with you, but at the same time can happily go with friends to barbecue, is an alarming bell.

Demonstrates mood swings

Your lover walks elated and joyful, and can become sad or irritated overnight? Often a feeling of guilt or a banal doubt about whether to continue a relationship can serve as a reason for such mood swings..

Shows no tenderness

If earlier your relationship looked like a fairy tale: he hugged you and whispered compliments in your ear, and now he won’t take your hand once again, this may also indicate a cooling of feelings.

Hides you from friends

He does not advertise your relationship, is not interested in your affairs and problems, does not devote to his affairs, does not share his experiences. When a person withdraws, he becomes secretive and mysterious, and then he is not only silent, but also deliberately conceals, not saying important things.


Often his phrases addressed to you are offensive or even offensive. He can easily compare you with his acquaintance or even with a girl walking on the street, they say, her legs are more even, and her face is prettier.

Refuses sex

Sex for a man is an important component of a relationship, and a long absence of an intimate life, not related to health, only confirms the separation from a partner.

Gives complete freedom of action

He is not interested in what you are doing now and with whom you spend time. He is not worried about your safety or your behavior. He is indifferent to the presence of guys in your environment, showing attention to you, and sometimes he himself can “throw” the idea of ​​getting to know that boy. At the same time, he calmly talks about what he would be doing if he were not in a relationship.

Forgets about you

Forgets about everything connected with you: your birthday, the anniversary of your relationship, a planned date, etc. He does not care about your feelings or your opinion, he is still not afraid of offending you.

Shows attention to other girls

In his environment, the number of female acquaintances increased dramatically. The guy communicates with them, flirts, showing that he likes some women. He calmly admires girls even in front of you or in all details discusses the body of some model from a magazine with friends, without worrying that it will hurt you.

Please note that these signs can signal an imminent separation only if the described changes in behavior are not peculiar to your boyfriend. But in any case, all these factors do not guarantee a 100% separation. Trust your intuition and feelings; they usually help you find the right answer.