7 weird female habits men adore

Girls are such girls! We know how to think up so many things that make life difficult for us. But men, by the way, only, on the contrary, are delighted. The guys told what so-called female bad habits they just adore!

There is nothing wrong with the fact that a girl can stand up for herself.

Andrey, 31 years old, journalist:

“My favorite is an educated, well-mannered girl. She works with children, reads a lot, attends various creative events, is always aware of cultural events. But as soon as she gets behind the wheel … Everything disappears somewhere! And next to me is a trucker man who simply cannot put up with injustice on the road. Each violator receives such a dose of foul language that he ponders the meaning of his own existence for a long time. Then my girlfriend apologizes for a long time, blushes, promises that she will never again allow herself such liberties. And I, on the contrary, laugh and think that my girl will definitely not be offended. But here’s where I got such words – it’s a mystery to me “.

Dmitry, 25 years old, sales assistant:

“The girl and I love to play computer games. At first, she hid her hobby from me, since she considered it absolutely not a woman’s, but a boy’s hobby. And I think it’s just great – after all, this is a joint, almost family hobby. It’s not great that she plays better than me. I am ashamed, I lose to the girl! “

Don’t be afraid to show yourself natural, don’t try to be different

Leonid, 35 years old, athlete:

“My wife is embarrassed that she hates heels. Considers himself unfashionable and unfeminine. If you have to wear stiletto heels, then for her it is a real torment. I don’t understand these victims. Why suffer if you are beautiful in sneakers! Down with heels! “

Alexey, 37 years old, doctor:

“My wife rarely wears makeup. As I think – she does not need it. She is beautiful without makeup. But his wife is very worried, reads all sorts of beauty blogs, is going to make-up courses and threatens to buy tons of cosmetics. Wants to draw smokey ice and cat eyes! People, what is this ?! I need a former wife without any smokes and ice! I am an adult man, not a 15-year-old teenager, I understand that all glossy models on the covers are the result of high-quality photoshop. And as a doctor, I can say that there are definitely no ideal people. And we do not love for ideal proportions and makeup! “

Dedicated to the owners of a healthy appetite …

Oleg, 33 years old, head of the sales department:

“I remember the first dates with my girlfriend with a laugh. Every time in the cafe, she ordered light salads, black coffee and no desserts. I wondered how she could eat it! He persuaded to eat something tasty, took him to Italian restaurants – it’s very difficult to find a low-calorie dish there. But she managed to find there too. The girl claimed that this was enough for her and in general she followed the figure and eats like a bird. Aha, birdie! Once I decided to arrange a surprise for her and showed up to her house with a huge bouquet of flowers. But her behavior surprised me. On the contrary, she was not happy, but very nervous. And then I got nervous! Well, I think everything, so there is a third extra. And here I am at the wrong time. And suddenly the girl began to persuade – let’s go, they say, take a walk. Well, no, I say, reluctance. And I myself sit and imagine the bloody end of the evening – to be a scuffle. I’m waiting for the third, the girl is nervous and drinks black coffee. Sugarless. The doorbell rings, a man is on the doorstep. I’m on edge with my fists clenched to him. And he … handed me three boxes of pizza. Huge! In general, the girl embarrassedly confessed to me that she really loves to eat, but hesitates to show her good appetite. Like, suddenly I’ll scare the guy. I was laughing, honestly. Eat, I say, to your health! Here we are for health and ate these pizzas! I was even glad that my beloved has a normal appetite! But women’s logic for me remained beyond my understanding. “.

Stanislav, 27 years old, photographer:

“If my girlfriend goes on a diet, everyone will soon find out! She will tell and punish everyone so that they do not eat sweets with her and do not remind of food at all. I suffer a lot from this! Because I have to hide in the apartment and eat in secluded places. All persuasions that she has a beautiful figure and I don’t see any fat excesses do not work at all. All harmful products in the refrigerator go to the lowest shelf. I eat them, and everything at eye level – all sorts of yoghurts, spinach salads, kefir, apples – for her. But somehow I began to notice the loss of harmful sweets or a decrease in their number. Either the smoked sausage decreases by a quarter, then the ice cream disappears from the freezer, then suddenly there is no bread at home. I certainly didn’t eat. Straight some kind of poltergeist! As it turned out, a very attractive poltergeist with slender legs, who is on a diet and eats up sweets at night. I know, but I am silent. But since then I have been buying more sausages, sweets and cookies. To have enough for two! “

There is nothing wrong with a girl being more pragmatic than romantic …

Sergey, 28 years old, entrepreneur:

“My girlfriend is worried that she thinks she has no maternal instinct or just a desire to show concern. He gets annoyed when he sees her girlfriends rushing after their husbands – washing, cleaning, stacking dinners for them. She says that she will never succeed. And then he adds: “Are you a fool ?! Put on a hat, there is minus 10. Then you will suffer from snot and coughing! ” Here! Girls, it is not necessary with us, men, how to mess around with children and take care of them like kids! “

Konstantin, 29 years old, manager:

“I was lucky – I have the most understanding girl in the world! True, she herself did not immediately realize this. I was nervous, trying to fit myself and our relationship into some kind of standards. Well, for example, the situation with gifts. I honestly do not know how to choose gifts. Not that I don’t like it, I just don’t know how. I’d better say what exactly is needed, I will buy and present. But all these surprises … and not always successful, judging by the lenient expressions on the faces of the hosts. And I was so happy when my girlfriend honestly asked me: “What do you want for your birthday?” She confessed embarrassedly that she walked through dozens of stores and simply despaired of choosing the right gift. Its cool! You need to talk openly about your desires. After all, getting the desired gift, even knowing about it in advance, is much cooler than receiving something unexpected, but absolutely unnecessary. “.