7 feminine qualities that attract the best men easily

The facets of your attractiveness that you need to tirelessly develop in yourself.

Sometime deep in my youth, I was of the popular opinion that some women were just lucky in love and they found a good man. As it turned out, I was wrong.

Over time, I realized that for women, it’s not a matter of luck at all, but how they manifest themselves in relation to men, how they present themselves.

On the path of knowing this, I also realized that the most important thing is to constantly strive for perfection. I agree, there are no ideals. But if you work on yourself every day, develop, look for ways to hone all your facets, without starting yourself, who are you, if not the ideal woman?

Julia Lanske

World’s # 1 Dating Coach, iDateAwards 2019

Certified coach, female trainer, expert in the selection of the ideal couple for marriage and relationships, psychologist, author of an effective algorithm for a happy marriage. Founder of the European Marriage Agency.

So where to start following your perfect woman? There are 7 main facets in the female image that you need to tirelessly develop and strengthen in yourself., to attract serious men and stand out with a bright flower among other representatives of the fair sex. Let’s go through each of these facets and check how things are with you personally..

1. External appeal

This is how elegant, pleasant, well-groomed you are, how you are able to catch the looks of men. For this level, it is important to distinguish between short-term and long-term attraction. Obviously, catching attention with a catchy wrapper is as easy as shelling pears. But at the level of a wrapper, it is extremely difficult to attract a decent man: look how many beautiful women are around. Therefore, if men want a serious relationship, then they are drawn to those women who, in appearance, are as close as possible to the image of a lady, a muse exuding confidence, a sense of style and dignity..

2. Harmony of the energy state

This is your inner fulfillment, your personal source of energy. You give this energy as much as possible, broadcast the light and warmth of your state, charge everyone around you with positive and joy. Men are looking for this nourishment among women, because they do not find it in their rough, difficult male world. And if they find it, then they no longer want to let go, trying to get satiated day after day.

3. Language and grace of your body

A man watches how you move, how refined your gestures, movements, gait are. Everything plays a role here: both when you are in dynamics and when you are just sitting in a chair. Few women have this trump card. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to gracefully advance several positions in front of competitors in the eyes of admiring men..

4. Mastery of communication with a man

This is one of the deepest layers of interaction with a man, when, in fact, relationships begin to build. External attributes are very easy to attract, but as a rule, if you only stay at this level, your acquaintance will not last long. Learn to be interesting in conversation, to nourish a man intellectually by giving and receiving compliments, touching upon topics that reveal your personality from the best sides.

5. Emotions and their expression

Imagine that your emotions are a gift to a man. What’s important here is not so much what’s inside the box (your emotion) as the packaging itself (how you serve it). That is, you can, like all living beings, experience different experiences – both positive and negative, there is no getting away from this. But the way they are broadcast decides how the man will accept this gift. A wise woman can be incredibly attractive and sweet even in anger. Do you know how?

6. Sexuality

This is not the simplest physics in appearance and behavior that women mistakenly consider to be powerful weapons. This is not the sex appeal of short skirts and inviting swaying of the hips and nibbling of lips with a blurred look. This is a subtle, elegant sensuality of the voice, the mystery of the wardrobe, the plasticity of a cat, which is not so easy to pick up. Season all this with the ability to flirt without slippery hints, when vulgarity loses the gift of speech and retires without a trace. And a man freezes in a slight dizziness from the influx of fluids of your sensuality, regardless of how long your legs are and what size neckline.

7. Purpose and uniqueness

This is the highest level of a man’s knowledge of you. At this stage, he should feel your uniqueness and value, which he did not find in other women. This is your awareness of what you want out of life, and steps to achieve your main goals. Show that you are not just hanging out like a bell in this life. Make it clear that you are like a luxury car that confidently glides along the highway of your destiny, you know your destination exactly and are ready to take with you a worthy, beloved companion with you – your man, in order to come together to the successful realization of yourself as a woman.

All these facets are described in detail in my author’s technique “The Rose of Love, Femininity and Marriage.” In it, you will also find how to check the state of each of them for you, as well as effective ways to strengthen and work out those that need it. Imagine a rose in which some of the petals are weak and withered. Of course, she immediately receives check and checkmate from her neighbors, whose buds are strong and rich. Energize your petals every day and bloom to attract the best men with ease.