15 things happy couples do for each other every night

Small but pleasant moments that will brighten up your everyday life.

After a hard day at work, people often feel empty. Any pleasant little thing can make them happy, so it is important to start small cute traditions with your partner. Huffpost asked its readers to share things that make their evening so much better. Perhaps you can include something from the list in a joint pastime with your other half..

1. Program the coffee maker for morning coffee

Every evening my husband turns on the program in the coffee maker so that in the morning we wake up and the coffee is ready. After the alarm goes off, he goes downstairs and brings me a mug of freshly brewed coffee to wake me up. (Stacey P.).

2. Prepare dinner for your other half and wash the dishes

In the evening, after a long day at work (he is an aircraft mechanic and spends 8-10 hours on his feet), he makes us dinner so that I can spend more time with my son. Then he washes all the dishes without further ado. (Maggie K.).

3. Go for an evening walk

I love to go out in the evenings, especially after dinner. My husband is always ready to join me with the words that he wants to walk with me (Amy R.).

4. Make a foot massage

I take a shower every night while my boyfriend is in bed watching TV. Sometimes he comes to me and just stands in the bathroom so I can tell him about my day. It happens that he waits for me at his favorite place until I get out of the shower. But one thing is invariable: from evening to evening I bring him lotion, and he gladly gives me a foot massage. This is the best way to relax (Stella M.).

5. Prepare food the next day

My fiance prepares lunch for me every night before going to bed, which I take with me to work. My day is pretty stressful, so I like to know that he thinks ahead and makes my life easier. During the working day, I don’t have time to run out into the street and buy myself something to eat. I can have a terrible day at work, but when I sit down at my desk I smile because I remember that I am loved and cared for. (Courtney W.).

6. Kiss good night before bed

He always, I repeat, always kisses me before bed and says that he loves me. Even if we had a tough day or had a fight (Erin P.).

7. Thank each other for any little things

When we go to bed, we say thank you for any expressions of love that were on this day. There were days when he thanked me for not leaving a pile of clothes on the bed. We should thank each other for even the smallest things. It reminds us that love is not always expressed on some global scale. (Missy S.).

8. Light candles to create a relaxing atmosphere

Every night my boyfriend cleans up and refills my humidifier. Because of eczema, I have to sleep with him. An hour before bed, I light candles, and then be sure to blow them out when we are about to go to bed. In this way we create an atmosphere of complete calmness (Kelsey M.).

9. Cover each other with a blanket, even if you went to bed at different times

My boyfriend works as a police officer, so every night he doesn’t return from work until midnight, and I get up at 5:30 am. After returning home, he walks into the bedroom and covers me with a blanket. He straightens the sheets, strokes my head, kisses me several times and says that he loves me (Tiffany P.).

10. Do everything possible to ensure the other half of a sound sleep

I sleep very badly. My beloved is very kind to me and helps in all possible ways. To ensure a good sleep, they make me tea with honey and remind me of the melatonin patch (Jenny B.).

11. Leave cute notes

I’m in graduate school, so I don’t sleep much and go to bed much later than my boyfriend. He always leaves my bedside lamp on and activates the heating of my blanket. Often in the evening on my table there is a romantic note on which may be said: “Sweet dreams. I love you”. On other days, he might cheer me up and write, “I’m so proud of you and your hard work,” or “I know it’s not easy, but don’t give up, you will succeed.” (Melissa K.).

12. Look after the children

I really appreciate the moments when my husband looks after the children in the evenings and deals with them alone. During this time, I can go to dance class or go to a late work meeting. Having free time and hobbies really helps me to be myself (Samantha S.).

13. Squeeze toothpaste onto your partner’s brush

He squeezes out the toothpaste and places my brush on the small stand in the sink. When I go to brush my teeth, I don’t have to do unnecessary actions, because everything is already ready (Stacy P.).

14. Kiss your lover on the forehead

My other half and I have different work schedules, but nice little things always make me smile and feel real bliss. If one of us goes to bed and the other is already in bed, we put the other in bed and always kiss him on the forehead (Matthew M.).

15. Snuggle up to your other half to warm it

My wife hugs me when my legs freeze. Usually I am always cold, I am always in sheets, so human warmth helps me a lot (Tevi H.).