What you can’t tell a man

Whatever they say, the male sex loves with the ears no less than the female. However, there are phrases that can offend both the ears and the soul of a strong half.. “You are the same as my ex!” Phrase # 1 in the list of taboo phrases. Never. Do not under any circumstances compare […]

7 weird female habits men adore

Girls are such girls! We know how to think up so many things that make life difficult for us. But men, by the way, only, on the contrary, are delighted. The guys told what so-called female bad habits they just adore! There is nothing wrong with the fact that a girl can stand up for […]

How do you know if your boyfriend is lying?

Lying specialist Dr. Lightman from the TV series Lie to Me is sure: either truth or happiness. Both, never. In contrast, we believe that there are enough honest men. But, as they say, trust, but verify. Designer Daria Isaenkova specially for Woman’s Day drew seven actions that hint that they are hiding something from you. […]